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SwissJoho is an online news website and the largest Japanese website based in Switzerland. We provide information related to travel, lifestyle, beauty, food, events and more from Switzerland for Japanese people in the world. You can attract more customers to your business through!

As you may know, Switzerland and Japan have a strong relationship economically and diplomatically. It has been over 150 years since Treaty of Amity and Commerce that was concluded between Switzerland and Japan in 1846.

Japanese population of today in Switzerland is over 10,000 people and population continue to grow gradually year by year, and for Japanese companies, to enter the Swiss market from year to year to maintain stability in such areas of quality, safety and revenue diversification as well as Swiss companies to the Japanese market.

Our aim is to increase interest and awareness of business, products,events between the countries by using our unique network including Website, Facebook,Twitter,Blog, Instagram and Youtube so we can can diffuse the latest information faster than any other Japanese medias. 


You may find our past corporate partners on this page, I hope it helps you to see more Japanese are interested in us.

Advertising on our website

Advertising spaces

We have advertising spaces on our website for you to promote product, service, and event, or introduce your company! To discuss the options and to purchase advertising space, please feel free to contact us from our contact form as below.

Insertion fees
Type Size Insertion fees listing period Space

button(2)Banner ad
Top right

320x50pix 500 CHF
1 month Website

button(1)Banner ad
Right Widget area

250 x 250pix, or
250 x 300pix

500 CHF
1 month Website

button(3) In-text link ad

 In-text link ad

Number of characters/ max 35

50 CHF

1 month



Number of characters/ max 300

250 CHF

 1 month  – Calender
– Homepage
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Instagram
– Blog
button(5)Banner ad


Above the footer


350 CHF

1 month – Website


*Our interview article is available for co-owner, sole proprietor, restaurant/shop owner, company employee.

Number of characters/ approx 2,000 with 5images

*Advertisement can be inserted within article if desired.

*Photo shooting, writing and proofreading are all included in the fee.

* Promotion Support Service fee included in the fee.
Promote your Advertorial on publishing date only.

One page

1,000 CHF

The article will be posted permanently.

– Column page
– Review page
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Instagram
– Blog
Package Ad


*Photo shooting, writing and proofreading are all included in the fee.

Number of characters/ approx 2,000 with 5images.

*Banner ad ( A , B or  E)

Your desired Banner ad will be inserted on website for 3months.

* Promotion Support Service fee included.
Promote your Advertorial and banner for 4 times in total within 3 months.

– One page


A Banner ad ( A , B or  E)

2,500 CHF

– Banner ad: 3 months

– The article will be posted permanently.

– Website
– Column page
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Instagram
– Blog


New business activities
Do you need business partners in Switzerland or Japan?

While you expand and succeed your business in Switzerland, would you be interested in invigorating economic activity with us?

If you are interested in start-up business, establishment of business or side business and we are happy to help you creating a new business activity as a business partner.

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For inquiries about advertising, please contact at GmbH
Birkenweg 17, 3072 Ostermundigen/Bern , Switzerland
+41  (0) 31 921 52 58
CHE160.997.396 MWST

* Kindly note that we may not be able to response you immediately depending on the nature of your inquiry. However, we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.